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Buying a home can be a highly daunting prospect. The legal side of purchasing property is full of new words and terms that you may not understand and almost everybody knows someone who has a horror story about buying property, involving sellers pulling out at the last minute or other nightmare scenarios.

It is easy to be intimidated by the world of property law and property lawyers, particularly if you have had no dealings with solicitors in the past, but Conveyancing Lawyers are there to do the hard work for you and good online conveyancing services will help to reduce your stress, rather than add to it.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a word you may not have come across before deciding to buy a home. It simply describes the legal process when property changes hands from one person to another. Residential conveyancing in Wimpstone Warks is the type that you’re most likely to be involved in, dealing with the buying, selling and renting of homes and personal properties. Commercial conveyancing deals with sales and leases of business properties.

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What do Conveyancing Solicitors do?

Conveyancing Solicitors, or Conveyancing Lawyers, deal with all the paperwork and steps that are required by law for transfer of equity that is transferring the title deeds of a property from one person’s name to another.

When you are buying a property, you need to employ the services of a Conveyancing Solicitor in Wimpstone. They will take over from the time you make an offer with the estate agent and instruct you on any documents that need to be signed and organise environmental, water and drainage and Local Authority searches. They also arrange for payment of relevant taxes and work with your mortgage lender to arrange funding of the purchase.

Conveyancing services will also be needed if you choose to remortgage your property in the future or for drawing up residential property leases if you decide to rent the property out.

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How long does conveyancing take?

The length of time from putting in an offer to completing a property can be as little as 6 weeks or could take longer than 12 weeks, depending on time to complete searches and other buyers and sellers in the property chain. As a first time buyer, you are placed at the bottom of the chain, which usually makes things more straightforward. The average conveyancing time is around 10 weeks.

Whether you are selling or buying leasehold property in Wimpstone Warwickshire, legal paperwork is required to organise the official transfer of equity from one name to another and conveyancing services prepare this paperwork for you, as well as arranging for transfer of funds and checking mortgage and contract documents.

Many home owners and buyers opt to use a conveyance service that is suggested by their estate agent, but conveyancing solicitors or conveyancing lawyers can vary a lot both in terms of fees and in services offered, so it is worth doing the research and hiring your own conveyancing lawyers.

The residential conveyancing process usually takes between six and eight weeks from deciding on a property purchase to moving in, but this timeline can be slowed down by several factors. When the property is part of a chain, where the seller is also buying another property at the same time, this can sometimes cause significant delays, particularly if the chain is long and involves many properties.

Getting a conveyancing quote for Wimpstone Warwickshire

We all like to know how much money we are going to have to dig deep in our pockets for when buying, selling or remortgaging a property. Surely, it should be easy for a firm of solicitors to provide a ‘fixed price’ quotation for our conveyancing transaction. I mean, conveyancing is just a bit of form filling isn’t it? The bit between when we agree the deal and move out, or in, as the case may be.

An estimate is exactly that. The solicitor or conveyancing lawyer provides us with guide price of how much they believe it will cost them to carry out our conveyancing. Estimates can change as the matter progresses and sometimes we can end up paying two or even three times the estimated cost!

A quote however, is a fixed price for the job from start to finish. Get a quote now.

How do you find the best conveyancing deal in Wimpstone Warks?

As with everything these days, it is important to do your research. Ask around, friends, family, colleagues for recommendations to good solicitors. These are genuine recommendations and you should approach the recommended solicitor and ask for a fixed conveyancing quote in writing.

Also do some research on the internet – you can bag some fantastic savings on the cost of a local solicitor provided you are careful and know what to look for.

Most property lawyers Wimpstone offer a ‘fixed quote’ for their conveyancing charge (i.e. their labour charge) but will offer an ‘estimate’ of disbursements (i.e. payments they have to make to third parties on your behalf such as stamp duty, Land Registry fees and searches). The reason for this is that the solicitor / property lawyer can control their own fee but third party costs are subject to change by the government or the various search authorities.

Apart from Stamp Duty and the HM Land Registry fee (payable to the Government for registering the transaction at the Land Registry) conveyancing searches are the costliest disbursements. Unless you are buying for cash your lender will insist on the Local Authority and Water Authority search and you may also need an environmental and chancel check search. Depending on where in the country you are buying (some areas require a coal mining / tin mining / brine search), there are many different types of conveyancing search and the solicitor will use their expertise to decide which ones are right for you. Searches may seem like a waste of time or money but they can reveal important issues such as a footpath running through the property or a potential new railway line at the bottom of your garden!

If your property is leasehold, shared ownership, or new build there may be third party payments due to the Landlord / Management Company / Housing Association. Every conveyancing transaction is unique, depending on location, mortgage lender and what is contained within the title deeds.

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